Since 1999 successful project-management and support for our OEM customers - that is, what we can offer to you.

We plan and help your projects to be right on the way and meet the targets you have in mind with our production- and engineering experience, quality management and logistic processes.

Our partners in Asia are ISO 9000 certified and we assist our customers to get UL-certification for their products.

We are generally working according to the European import regulation incl. REACH and ROHS.

Tools and more

Our concentration is on building tools for production of small- up to mass-production series for plastic and metal parts, aluminium diecasting and extrusion parts, seals, special cables, foil keyboards, party including preassembly, spraypainting and printing.

The team- process is ISO9000 oriented and our goal is: Let's do a successful project management with you.

How can we do that?

We work in very close partnership with


and other partner companies in China directly connected to the supplier base. We guarantee a close control on the production process, engineering issues, constructive support and the quality management incl. logistic processes.

Aks us for your project conception - we help to make a fully functional, beautiful product.